S K I E S   I N  M O T I O N

About Skies In Motion.


Skies In Motion are a metal quintet from Derby UK. Fueled by their passion for creating music, they always deliver an energetic live show. With their debut Album coming out in 2017 and a constant list of upcoming shows, they are one to watch. With their Debut album “Life Lessons” Skies In Motion have created an immersive listening experience that encompasses topics that will connect to all, writing an album that pushes further than just the every day trivialities such as failed relationships etc. The band have included subjects that relate to their own personal experiences.

The topics of lost loved-ones, current irreversible social troubles and paternal abandonment are just some of the subjects that make up Life Lessons. These concepts relate to a wide demographic and can really hit home. Musically, this album quite simply reflects the title ‘Life Lessons’. It takes the listener through all of the ups and downs in life, from the bleak lows of melancholy and isolation to the glimmer of hope on the other side. The record was written to be emulated into an energetic live performance. Skies In Motion have created memorable anthems; piecing together enormous soundscapes, catchy hooks and riffs with a raw crushing heaviness.

Skies In Motion have supported and shared the stagethe likes of Killswitch Engage, Devil Wears Prada, August Burns Red, While She Sleeps, Unearth, Slaves (UK), Skindred, Don Broco, Our Hollow Our Home, Gnarwolves and many more great acts. Make sure you catch Skies In Motion at the next show near you.

Adam Connor - Vocals
Dave Stewart - Guitar / Vocals
Andy Shaw - Guitar / Vocals
Dan Wheeler - Bass
Sam Gaines - Drums

Kind words and Reviews:

"I've got one more song left though and it's absolute FIRE from a band that are brand new to the show tonight from Derby, called Skies In Motion, if you like razor-sharp riffs, emotional heart-felt lyrics and a huge cinematic sound - I've got no doubt in my mind you're going to dig what's about to come out of your headphones or speakers - they are playing Macmillan Fest 2017 - Nottingham this weekend alongside Fresh Blood alumni Hacktivist, Napoleon, Our Hollow, Our Home and so many others as well - they are called Skies In Motion and this is a song called When Home Feels Distant and Distance Feels Like Home and it's an absolute, A-grade, BANGER"

- Alex Baker - Fresh Blood Kerrang! Radio

“A Patch Adams sample features on Skies In Motion’s Debut album declaring “Let’s fight one of the most terrible diseases of all - indifference.” That;s exactly what the Derby crew do, while showcasing all the strings to their meldoic hardcore bow. As the title suggests, they’re sharing some harsh truths along the way. ‘Sword Swallower’ is catchy and hopeful, drawing on the struggle of learning to be yourself, while ‘Gonvena’ shows they can strip things back to the bare bones. The five-piece draw plenty from the While She Sleeps and Architects playbooks, but do so in style - and prove their potential along the way” - Rock Sound Magazine - 7/10

“If you’re a fan of either metalcore or melodic hardcore, put this band on your radar. There’s plenty to enjoy here.” - Heavy Blog is Heavy - Full review here.

“Combining raging intensity with heartfelt emotion, this is modern metalcore played with passion and skill... Life Lessons is an enjoyable lesson, (ahem), in how to sculpt modern aggressive music that manages to combine both high-impact appeal with a deeper emotive substance.” - Wonderbox Metal - Full review here

“Tracks to definitely check out from these guys would Ugly, Hopebringer and our favourite Sword Swallower. There is impact and punch on this album all packaged with some damn good production that they bring to the table. The guys in Skies In Motion should be mega proud of this for a debut album, keep setting their heights high and keep pushing their musical boundaries. We look forward to seeing how their sound will progress in the future and where it takes them.” - Invicta Mag - Full review here